When Is Friendship Day?

by Urwashee Saxena

International Friendship Day is celebrated every year on July 30th, and in India, it is celebrated on August 6th. This day is celebrated worldwide to honor and cherish the bond of friendship and to spread love and happiness among friends. The day is a way to show appreciation and gratitude towards friends and to strengthen the bond of friendship.

Friendship is crucial in our lives, providing a support system, comfort, and a sense of belonging. Friendship Day is a special occasion to celebrate the bond of friendship and to show appreciation and gratitude towards friends.

History of Friendship Day

Celebrating Friendship Day dates back to 1935, when Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark Cards, proposed dedicating a day to celebrate friendship. The idea was to promote the sale of greeting cards. However, the idea caught on and soon became a famous occasion celebrated by people all over the world.

Significance of Friendship Day

Friendship is an essential aspect of life and plays a crucial role in shaping our personality and character. It helps us in times of joy as well as in times of difficulty. Friends provide support and comfort and give us a sense of belonging. Friendship Day allows people to express their gratitude and appreciation for their friends and celebrate the bond of friendship.

Friendship Day also helps to spread love, joy, and happiness among friends. Celebrating this day with friends can positively impact their lives and make them feel valued and appreciated. It is a great way to boost friends' morale and make them feel loved and special.

In today's fast-paced world, where technology and busy schedules often get in the way of relationships, Friendship Day provides an opportunity to disconnect from everyday distractions and focus on the people who matter most. It is a day to celebrate friendship in its purest form and appreciate the joy, comfort, and love it brings into our lives.

Celebration of Friendship Day

Friendship Day is celebrated in different ways in different countries. Some common ways of celebrating the day include exchanging cards, gifts, and flowers, having get-togethers, and spending time with friends. People also send messages and wishes to their friends through social media, email, and text messages.

In some countries, people exchange friendship bands to symbolize their friendship. The bands can be made of different materials, such as threads, cloth, or leather, and can be of various colors. The exchange of friendship bands is a way of expressing love and commitment toward friendship.

Gift Ideas For Friendship Day


Gifts are a great way to show appreciation and gratitude towards friends on Friendship Day. Some gift ideas for Friendship Day include flowers, chocolates, personalized gifts, friendship bands, and accessories. You can also plan a day out with your friends, such as a picnic or a trip to a theme park.


Friendship Day is a momentous occasion to celebrate and strengthen the bond of friendship. It is a day to show appreciation and gratitude towards friends and to celebrate the joy and happiness that friendship brings. Let us cherish the bond of friendship and make every effort to strengthen it, not just on Friendship Day but every day.

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