Tips for Mens to Carry Rings with Style

Tips for Mens to Carry Rings with Style

by Urwashee Saxena

Being a man implies that you must always have the highest confidence level. This confidence is also reflected in jewelry.

These tiny yet stunning jewelry pieces can change your look. They make you appear sexy and trendy or make you look more elegant. Whatever the occasion, Men's fashion rings are essential.

Considering the current scenario, the Gen-Z is more into wearing rings as it makes them look cool and classy. Whether it’s about styling a gold ring or a silver ring, the style statements for rings have come too far.

Rings for men are often a thorny subject. More details are needed on the proper usage of rings.

There are a few traditional rules regarding wearing rings for men. They aren't rules that have been set in stone. Wearing rings, however, anywhere and at any time is a personal decision.

Men's jewelry is usually limited to watches or a basic wedding band. Although there are plenty of style guides for watches, rings are different.

When it comes to the proper manner to wear rings for men, specific rules of the past should be followed. However, you can modify these rules according to your preferences and style.

Men Rings! Confident and Brave

Rings worn by men are seen as brave and confident. They don't hesitate to show their style. Many want to convey an explicit message by wearing an engraved ring for men.

However, the issue of how to style rings men is still a problem since some men need to learn the significance of what they wear.


Rings for the fingers and thumb rings for males are available. Rings for men come in various styles, and it is easy to find the one you are most interested in as you begin to look.

There are, however, some rules to follow for men wearing rings. However, they are easy to follow. Once you've learned this, you can wear any ring you decide to put your heart on.

We suggest you consider the ring-related etiquette associated with male fashion. But guys can wear whatever they wish.

They need to focus less on the meanings and beliefs of ancient times and more on their satisfaction.

Right or Left Hand or Both Even?

First, let's discuss whether wearing a ring on either hand is better. There are no stiff and rigid rules for wearing a ring on one hand, except for wedding rings.

The rules vary depending on the culture. While some cultures require men to wear the ring with their left hand, some prefer the right.


Because hands that are right-handed are believed to be more assertive, active, and dominant, they attract lots of attention due to hand gestures.

If you're looking to stand out by being the focal point during a conversation and want to stand out, using the left hand would be the ideal option.

On the other side, i.e., left, it is represented by a mental hand, symbolizing your character and belief.

These general concepts should be used in something different than your fashion style. If you are looking for something new, check out our tips on how to wear rings men?

4 Styling Tips for Men to Wear Rings

Many men need to find out which shade of their skin is. To determine this, check the veins that run along the inside part of the wrist.

If they look blue, you're cool-toned. However, if they are green, you're in a warm tone. It is crucial to be aware of this regarding men's fashion rings.

Wearing a male ring on your thumb could create a bold statement in fashion. If you are a fan of jewelry for men, think about a new thumb ring if you wish to wear several rings from men in one hand. It is more balanced because they're visually dispersed.

1. Comfort

Fashion is terrific; however, choosing a comfortable ring is vital when it comes to fashion for men's rings.

To find the best way to style your rings, consider a few issues to find the perfect men's ring design. Here are some examples and some things to be aware of:

  • If you do most of your work using your right hand, put larger rings in your left hand so they aren't in the way, and reverse.
  • If you are prone to shaking hands frequently, do not wear bulky rings since they can cause pain to you or someone else who shakes your hands. Thin or small rings are better choices.
  • If you're doing much housework, the rings you wear could get damaged. Choose metals that won't wear out as quickly to stop this from occurring.
  • There are other aspects you could have to consider. Consider it, and you'll soon be able to determine what you require.

2. Measure the Size

The first thing you must consider if you plan to wear rings is to ensure they are sized correctly for your fingers.

If the ring is smaller than your hand, it will not be easy to put on. If it's too big, it could fall off your fingers.

The sizes of men's rings differ from women's because men have larger hands. So, use the ring sizer and an online chart of sizing to get precise measurements.

Additionally, you can go to an online jewelry store to take your ring's size professionally.

3. Consider Ring Type

You can pick from various styles of ring to match your style. Elegant and casual rings are available. A majority of rings go nicely with any attire. If you have a specific preference, choose unique design.

  • Simple Rings

Simple rings typically feature an unadorned band. They're great for casual outfits and are extremely versatile.

Men often wear minimalist (gold or silver ring design for men) rings to match their outfits for the day. Little details can transform your appearance and give you an interesting look.

  • Stone Rings

Stone rings are elegant options for rings. They are more substantial than regular rings and are more noticeable.

They are usually simple, but a dazzling stone adorns them. These rings are great for the finger, which is the index and ring.

  • Symbolic Rings

Some men's rings have symbolic meanings of the zodiac and religious. Men who wish to prove that they are unique with their faith-based beliefs are likely to wear a symbol ring.

However, these rings could only be worn sometimes as they're typically large and heavy.

  • Animal Style Rings

These days the trends of animal style rings in not something unique or new. As animals symbolizes various things, mens love to wear animal style rings. Some popular rings with animal designs for men are:




  • Signet Rings

Signet rings made of carves have been worn for ages. They have a symbolic meaning, and there's almost no chance that people will notice they're on a man's hand.

Wearing a signet ring is an unusual choice because it typically includes family symbols. Many people request custom-designed signet rings with particular symbols.

  • Engraved Rings

The thumb is an excellent location for engraving rings. The majority of rings with engravings are heavier and bulkier looking than the majority of ring styles.

One of the most common examples for engraved rings is skull shape silver plated ring. Therefore, pick an engraving ring with care to ensure it doesn't make your hands feel heavy.

4. Message

Most of the time, men wear different rings with specific significance or messages. It changes a piece of jewelry into something more.

Men's fashion rings transform into a work of art that reveals your personality or symbolizes something important to you.

The ring may represent an engagement or wedding occasion, or it's a family heirloom.

Some have engravings on their rings which convey specific messages. Whatever the message, the importance is to have a ring for men in your hand that represents something.

It takes away the tedious aspects of jewelry that are plain and tells tales of a special occasion or reveals your persona.

With just a metal piece, you can decorate yourself with art that tells the world who you are and where you are.

The Key Takeaway

The rules for the best rings for men are different. Men's fashion is constantly fashion constantly evolving, and jewelry for men can be a unique method to showcase your individuality and sexuality.

Modern times permit men to experiment with different rings on their hands. The traditional meanings of rings are put on the side-lines.

Avoid getting distracted by symbols. Be focused on quality rather than quantity. Take your time, and don't fear the slight bling on your wrist.

If you require assistance determining how to style mens ring, drop at Viraasi, and we'll provide you with professional advice on the most stylish rings for men that you should have in your collection and how to wear them.

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