Top 5 Jewellery for Men and Where to Find Them

by Urwashee Saxena

More men are wearing fashion jewellery now than ever before. Thanks to the music cultures of Hip-Hop and K-Pop have forced the jewellery-making industry to invent a new design language. Because of this new language, jewellery has started developing its masculine and gender-fluid personas as well. As a result, we have jewellery for men. To all the men who are trying to elevate their swag to a whole new level. Here is a carefully curated list of the top 5 jewellery for men that you must explore before going out for a cocktail party.

Men’s jewellery is slowly sweeping into formal settings as well. From suits to casual baggy outfits, now you can find men’s jewellery to pair with any clothing you want. In this list of top 5 jewellery for men, you will find different pieces of men’s jewellery that are making their huge mark in modern men’s fashion. So, grab your credit/debit card and get ready to dive into the world of men’s jewellery and buy some of these top 5 men’s jewellery.

Top 5 Men’s Jewellery that Must Look for in 2023

1. Buy Stylish Chains for Men


Chains are adorned by men as well. To be honest, men’s chains are some of the hottest men’s jewellery these days. You can pair chains with short sleeve shirts, turtlenecks, and casual t-shirts, the versatility of stylish fashion chains for men is limitless. Numerous designs are there to choose from. Let your creativity run wild while constructing your next outfit.

The stylish chains for men are available in various metals as well. There are gold-plated chains, silver chains, steel chains, titanium chains, etc. in the market. If you have sensitive skin, the high-quality chains are hypoallergenic so that there’s no discomfort while you’re looking the hottest on the floor.

If you want to buy some of the best stylish fashion chains for men online, then look for the latest collection of Viraasi, exclusive for men who are looking for something unique and modern. You will find countless designs to choose from and within your price range.

2. Buy Religious Pendants for Men


They say a man of routine is truly a free man. And no one follows a routine as dedicatedly as a religious man. Therefore, for these religious men, religious pendants are a fantastic way to express their love for their religion. The religion of a man is an innate part of his being. And by no means he should conceal it from the eyes of the world. Religion plays a vital role in the construction of a man’s character. So, why not materialize this aspect of life and wear it with pride?

Just like men’s chains, the best part of men’s fashion jewellery is that they are incredibly versatile. You can wear them with a number of outfits. So basically, religious pendants with chains for men go well with everything. You can find different designs in religious pendants and sizes too.

If you too want to add a religious pendant to your fashion collection, then you may want to explore the latest collection of religious pendants for men by Viraasi. Here you will find everything you are looking for.

3. Buy Bracelets for Men


Another favorite fashion jewellery among men is a bracelet. Men love to wear something on their wrists other than a wristwatch. But with a wristwatch on, the other hand always feels somewhat empty. To fill this emptiness stylishly, bracelets for men are the undisputable choice. Plus, the variety in designs, materials, and sizes is virtually limitless as well.

Traditionally, men used to wear Kada on their wrists. But with the advent of modern technologies and thanks to the blend of modern creative inspiration, the market is filled with premium bracelets for men. Now you can find men’s bracelets in genuine leather, vegan leather, synthetic fabrics, denim, and metal alloys. So basically, whatever matches your vibe, the market has to offer you something to you.

If you want to dive into the latest collection of bracelets for men, then you must not miss a moment and head straight to the online collection of men’s bracelets by Viraasi. If you are a fan of wearing something no one has ever worn before then, it is the right place for you.

4. Buy Classy & Bold Rings for Men


Even before the modern wave of men’s jewellery, men, around the world, used to wear a different styles of rings. Apart from wedding bands, some men love to wear bold rings on their fingers. And miraculously, these rings give a more manly feel to the hands of men. If you are wearing some classy rings on your fingers, that means you are not messing around, you mean business.

There is a feel to these rings for men, that is hard to express in mere words. You have to wear them to feel the power you feel after wearing them. You can wear them with a suit, a simple shirt or T-shirt, or anything. Rings for men go harmoniously well with almost all types of events. Plus, the choices are incredible. From simple bands to bold rings with a wild bear face on them, you will find everything to make your wildest dreams come to life. You can also wear multiple rings to create your own style.

Completely iced-out rings for men with lots of diamonds around them are also trending among celebrities these days. So, if you want the most trending or unique rings for men, then you should look into the latest collection of men’s rings by Viraasi. Countless designs to choose from at amazing offers are waiting for you.

5. Buy Earrings for Men


Sportsmen like Lewis Hamilton have taken men’s jewellery to a whole new level by wearing iconic chains, earrings, and even nose rings for men. Apart from other pieces of jewellery, his minimal earrings hoops are making a lot of waves among his followers. Before Lewis Hamilton, only rappers and male fashion models were seen wearing earrings for men. But now the trend is spreading around the world. If you want to stand apart from the crowd and want to express yourself in a more unique way then you must try these earrings for men.
Viraasi has got you covered with modern designs, the latest design language, different sizes and styles to choose from, etc. In our latest and greatest collection of earrings for men, you can find all the amazing earrings for men that will give you an authentic look.

Other Honorary Mentions

Buy Cufflinks for Men


Cufflinks are phenomenal pieces of jewellery for men. It’s amazing how just two pieces of metal can elevate the entire personality of the suit you are wearing. When a man is thinking about choosing the right cufflinks for his shirt, then it is a sign that he is a man of attention to detail. He means the business. He likes things precise and well-constructed, just like his looks.

According to the nature of the event, find the right pair of cufflinks and express yourself in the best way possible. And if you have ever fancied the looks of James Bond, then now is the chance to take everything into the account while wearing your next tailor-made suit.

If you wish to buy some of the most premium and stunning pairs of cufflinks then you must dive into the latest collection of cufflinks for men by Viraasi. If you take your looks seriously, this could be a rewarding experience for you.

Buy Lapel Pins for Men


If you are a man of hobbies and a love suit then you must have a substantially large collection of lapel pins in your wardrobe. If not then it is not too late to start building your collection. A lapel pin is a wonderful and tasteful way to express your interests and hobbies right from the lapel of your suit’s blazer. Whereas other pieces of jewellery are subtle in their expression, a lapel pin is a bit of direct communication. It is also quite personal as well. It could be serious, funny, or satirical.

If you love to express yourself in a direct way or semi-direct way then you must opt for a perfect lapel pin for your next evening out. Viraasi’s latest collection of lapel pins for men has some really interesting design options for you.


Men’s jewellery is not a phenomenon in the modern world. Men have been loving jewellery for a long time. And jewellery, after all, is quite an artistic and lavish way of expression. So, why should men hesitate from expressing themselves? Although, modern culture is more open-minded. More men have started wearing jewellery inspired by their favorite figures from Hollywood, Sports, Music, etc.

In this hand-curated list of the top 5 jewellery for men, we tried to include all the pieces of jewellery that are making a mark in the lives of men of modern culture. Plus, we also tried to add some extra options for those men who love to take things to new levels.


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