The Ultimate Collection of Latest Diwali Wishes 2022

by Urwashee Saxena

Hello beautiful people!

The Ultimate Collection of the Latest Diwali Wishes 2022 is here!

Diwali is right around the corner. That means the season of Soan Papdi, Kaju Katli, and Firecrackers is coming. But that’s not it, this season comes with countless messages of Diwali Wishes. One or two is fine but trouble starts when you can have to reply to hundreds of messages.

Receiving all these messages altogether could be overwhelming sometimes during the business of the festivals. With all the festivities thinking of creative Diwali Wishes could be a hard cookie. So, Viraasi is here to save you from some brainstorming sessions and whiteboard planning for Diwali wishes.

We have brought you an Ultimate Collection of the Latest Diwali Wishes for 2022. Scroll down and you will see something for everyone. Just copy and paste the one you like and voila! A little time saved during festivals means more time with friends and family. That is exactly why we at Viraasi did some heavy lifting for you. In this blog we have shared diwali quotes, family diwali wishes, deepavali wishes and diwali message for your loved one.

Viraasi wishes you and your loved one a very Happy and Healthy Diwali 2022.


Diwali Wishes for Family WhatsApp Groups

  1. This Diwali, let us all create an Ayodhya in our hearts to welcome Lord Ram and Mother Sita in our hearts. Wishing this beautiful family a very Happy and Healthy Diwali. Jai Shri Ram!

  2. With this Diwali, may we all move towards the dream of Ram Rajya. Our lives be filled with abundance and bliss. Wishing my precious family a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali. Jai Siya Ram!

  3. May this Diwali burn all the darkness, and traces of complexities in our hearts and ignite the kindle of hope and a new beginning. An incredibly Happy Diwali to my stunning family members.

  4. I wish that on this Diwali, every member of our family receives an inexhaustible supply of fortune. It’s a blessing to be a part of this family. Happy Diwali to all my Darlings!

  5. This Diwali may happiness get exchanged as much as the boxes of Soan Papdi do. Happy Diwali to all one-of-a-kind Family. Jai Shri Ram!

  6. May our hearts be full of happiness, minds be full of memories, pockets full of money, and bellies full of delicious food. Wishing my crazy family an extravaganza of Diwali. Love you all! Siyavar Ram Chandra Ji ki Jai!

  7. For this precious family of mine, I wish, for the character of Lord Ram, the purity of Mother Sita, and the strength, and devotion of Hanuman Ji. Happy Diwali to all. Jai Siya Ram!

  8. Words would fail me miserably if I were to describe my love for this family. All I want to say is that, on this Diwali, I wish you all the love and happiness in the world. Happy Diwali to all my precious. Jai Shri Ram!

  9. May Lord Ram and Goddess Laxmi bless this family with an abundance of love, strength of character, dedication, devotion, prosperity, and righteousness. Happy Diwali to my dear family. Jai Siya Ram!

  10. Burn down all the setbacks and disappointments to set a new course of beginning. Ignite the kindle of hope. Wishing you a Diwali full of strength. Jai Shri Ram!


Diwali Wishes for Friends

  1. May Lord Ram help you to see the brighter side of the world and Lord Hanuman bestow strength to work on your dreams. Happy Diwali to my precious. Jai Shri Ram!

  2. The best part of life is that you can restart it from any point you want. This time let’s restart it for an epic tale, just like Ramayana. Wishing you the blessings of Lord Ram, Mother Sita, and Lord Hanuman on this Diwali. Jai Shri Ram!

  3. You are simply killin’ it with your hard work. On this Diwali, I wish inexhaustible supply of inspiration and motivation. Happy Diwali homie!

  4. May heartbreaks sculpt you into a masterpiece like David. May setbacks drag you back only to shoot you forward like an arrow. May you achieve all the highs there are. Wish you an amazing Diwali. Jai Siya Ram!

  5. All those dreams that you’ve confided in me, I know soon they are going to come true. May Lord Ram bless you with an iron will and strength of character. Happy Diwali. Jai Shri Ram!

  6. Happy Diwali to my dearest. Burn down everything that is not necessary and sow a seed of hope that will soon be the reason for blooming flowers of prosperity. I got your back, no matter what. Jai Siya Ram!

  7. May this Diwali unlock new roads to explore for us. May we never run out of fuel as well as spirit. May we write new stories. Wish you a happy Diwali fellow traveler. Jai Shri Ram!

  8. I know, one day the world will recognize your true potential and will celebrate you for it. And it starts with this Diwali. Wish you a very Happy and Hopeful Diwali. Jai Shri Ram!

  9. May we never run out of things to talk about. May we never run out of places to visit. May we never run out of money to go on shopping sprees. I wish you such Diwali, my dear.

  10. At any point in your life, if you ever find yourself alone, know that I am always there for you. No matter what! Happy Diwali my precious. May Lord Ram have our backs.


Diwali Wishes for Special Ones

  1. Lord Ram granted my wish, and he blessed me with you. May all my blessings lead to you. Happy Diwali my Love. Jai Shri Ram!

  2. May our love keep on growing like that of Lord Ram and Mother Sita. Happy Diwali Dear. Jai Siya Ram!

  3. May we never run out of stupid things to talk about. Happy Diwali my crazy one. Jai Siya Ram!

  4. Thank you for being my neck pillow and comforter. Happy Diwali my everything-in-one person.

  5. May Lord Ram, Mother Sita, and Goddess Laxmi bless us with purity, love, strength, and a little bit more love. Happy Diwali my Pumpkin. Jai Siya Ram!

  6. Everything that makes you YOU is a blessing to me. May this Diwali Lord Ram bestow his blessing upon you. Because everything of yours naturally comes to me. Happy Diwali my dear. Jai Siya Ram!

  7. May all your hard work pay off, may you achieve unimaginable heights, and may you receive all my blessings too. For you are my everything. Happy Diwali my Love. Jai Shri Ram!

  8. Your nurturing love is everything to me. I wish you everything you want in this world and then some. Happy Diwali my everything. Jai Siya Ram!

  9. I’m aware that having someone like me in life could be a major headache. But you still embrace me every time I come looking for you. I wish you get all my happiness as well. Happy Diwali my munchkin. Jai Shri Ram!


For all the love that you have given me, may Lord Ram and Goddess Laxmi bless you with ten folds of that. Happy Diwali my love. Jai Shri Ram!


I hope you like these happy deepawali wishes and deepawali wishes from viraasi.

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