Best 5 Men’s Jewelry Pieces And How To Wear Them

by Urwashee Saxena

Most men consider watches, shades, cufflinks, ties, and other commodities the prime accessories they need. However, that’s not the truth! Men do not have to limit themselves to these accessories only. If that’s the case, they are missing a lot.

Have you ever wondered about going out of the league and wearing jewelry as an accessory?

It sounds pretty weird.

Well, it will because wearing jewelry is not a trend in male fashion. But it’s time to change this trend because now, you have so many jewelry pieces solely manufactured to define masculinity, boldness, and confidence. Whether it is a stylish chain pendant for men or a tennis bracelet, there are so many different options that you can opt for.

To solve your dilemma, we have discussed the five most worn men’s jewelry you must try without any problem.

1. Men’s chain


One of the best jewelry accessories you can wear is a necklace or chain. With slight tweaks in the overall embellished design and length, you will find a plethora of chains for men online. Most of these necklaces are long enough to reach the chest’s middle, right above the diaphragm or upper abdomen. Plus, the products are mostly silver or white gold in color with a matte finish to maintain sophistication and masculinity.

If you want to get this jewelry for yourself, select a style and design that seamlessly blends with your persona. For instance, you can pair the thin, silver chain to the middle of the chest with a plain wife-beater t-shirt or a deep V-neck shirt. On the other hand, if you want a bolder and more confident look, the chunky hip-hop chains will look good enough, especially with black t-shirts, leather biker jackets, and Armani suits.

2. Men’s religious pendants


Another outstanding option you should try is the stylish or religious pendant necklace. These pendants usually have minimal detailing to ensure the pendant can boost sophistication and exudes appeal subtly. You can even match the pendant with the chain to extend the overall drop length, especially when you want to go with casual and confident fashion clothes.

Moreover, the unique pendant designs will also help you to stand out in the crowd. For instance, you can easily get a dog tag for men if you are a proud dog father. Apart from this, you can get the rosary sign as the pendant or an evil eye, as these are religious tokens.

3. Men’s stylish chain pendant


Last but not least, we have the best men’s stylish pendants that you can match with the bracelet for men silver to create a perfect look. Most stylish pendants come in different designs, from a half-crescent moon to a skull. Therefore, you will get many opportunities to revamp your fashion statement and enjoy this amazing accessory form.

4. Men’s rings


Apart from the regular engagement ring and wedding band, you can choose from a long range of rings for men. From a skull head carved out of the ring’s top or a diamond-encrusted infinity symbol ring, there are so many options to go with. Out of several finishes and appearances, rings with rustic and rough appearance sound amazing.

Apart from this, you can also choose simple rings made from white gold or platinum. These usually have a small, central diamond or a smooth band with no undulating surface. Therefore, you can easily pair the rings with a three-piece Armani suit, semi-casual attire, or classic formal attire. If you like the bad boy looks, get some well-embellished and unique rings to wear with biker jackets, tight-fitted t-shirts, and other casual and street-style fashion.  

5. Men’s bracelet


With the best bracelet for men, you can easily lift your overall looks by ten folds. Most people opt for the tennis bracelet with a single diamond-encrusted band to reduce the brightness and shimmery appearance while posing as a strong and sophisticated personality. Apart from these, you can also go for a gold or platinum wrist bracelet. It won’t have any engraving at the top but just a smooth surface.

You can also get the evil eye bracelet for men, which looks spectacular, elegant, and minimalist. Chain-styled bracelet is also on the rise, so you can certainly have them for yourself.


In this article, we have walked you through the top five jewelry types for men that are certainly the best on the market. All these five categories are available in large collections with diversity and variance. Therefore, you won’t have to stick to any design that is common and outdated.

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