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These Four Indian Fashion Jewellery Are Gravitating In 2023

by Urwashee Saxena on Nov 30, 2021

The beauty of jewelry that is made with the essence of craft and using ethical sources is still trending, especially in women and girls. At Viraasi, every year we saw an incredible amount of love from our customers. However it’s for our jewellery, mancraftship, and offers that we caved. 

And this year too! We have the top Four Indian fashion jewellery trends that are picked up by our designer experts. The following Jewellery trend is solely related to Viraasi jewelries and picked up from our most selling preferred categories such as oxidized jewellery, Dual Tone Jewellery, Gold Plated Jewellery and others. 

The title ‘trend’ is given to those pieces of jewelry that are much sober in look and finished with excellent craft. 

Have a look at these precious…! 



1. Elephant Shape Dual Tone Long Necklace Set


Elephant Shape Dual Tone Long Necklace Set-Green-Viraasi

In the trending list, it’s on top because of antique glamour and craftsmanship winning awards. Looking at those dual tone plating designs in green stones makes it more gracious and when you wore it Oh! What to say...I have no words. 

Why is it trending? 

  • Award Winning design
  • A-OK Class Finished
  • Dual Tone Plating Design

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2. Gold Plated Pearl Earrings



That you are waiting for…! Trust me, this gold plated earring with pearls is an exceptional jewelry piece in our vault. Loved by thousands of customers it can be your perfect fashionable earring. 

Why is it trending? 

  • Most loved
  • Fancy and Modern Tracery
  • Eye-Sober Design

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3. Dual Tone Big Size Adjustable Finger Ring


Dual Tone Big Size Adjustable Finger Ring-Blue | Viraasi

Oxidized rings are in their own kind. They are different from dual tone rings because these dual tone rings are made of Silver and Gold Plating. In a viewing they pretty much look like ancient times rings. And thus trending by a lot. 

Why is it trending? 

  • Following ancient design auxiliary
  • Most Toughness 
  • Pleasant and luxury

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4. Silver Plated Oxidized Coin Kada Bangle

Silver Plated Oxidized Coin Kada Bangle | Viraasi

Buy Silver Oxidized Plated Kada Bangles for women like this billing Classic style bracelet pair. In our bangle for women glossary this oxidized design kada is most adorable, beautiful, and charming that stands out from the art.

Why is it trending?

  • Contemporary Classic Design
  • Splendid Oxidized Plating
  • Viraasi Assured Trust

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