Four Expert Tips for Buying Your Wedding Jewellery

by Urwashee Saxena

Weddings are the most important and satisfying day for the bride and her parents. This is the day when she actually leaves it’s first home and moves to the second home leaving all-connected feelings, moments, and happiness behind to start anew.

And in between all a lot of rituals, wishes, and blessings happens…! Beside these, there are different things happening at weddings and that is decor and make up.

Everyone wants to look prettier, especially the bride and their loved one.!

And you know the secret behind their gorgeousness and beautifulness - their jewellery. Yes! Women love jewellery more than any dish…! And especially in the time of occasion like wedding and reception, they love to wear fancy jewellery.

But, do you know most women and girls make mistakes when it comes to buying wedding jewellery? So, in this blog, experts at Viraasi jewellers have four important tips about buying your wedding jewellery. 

 Have a look…!

 1. Buy your jewellery before the dress

It sounds like less longitude but its tidal wave…! Most often it happens that brides purchase dresses before jewellery, which is a big mistake. First thing, buying dresses will not cost you higher as though jewellery. Second, your dress should highlight your jewellery, not diminish its value. 


2. Choose according to the occasion

Speaking of weddings, there are many traditional ceremonies and activities, so it would be nice to plan out your jewellery according to the occasion instead of style and elegance. 

For instance, the haldi and mehendi events usually go normal, so you don’t have to wear heavy or too-lustrous kind jewellery as it would go nice with lighter pieces such as lightweight dual tone earrings, small oxidized earrings, and so forth. 

For the engagement ceremony, we exceedingly suggest you to focus on your ring rather than necklace, chain, and pendant. At our vault, we have exceptional artificial, beautiful, fancy, and stylish rings for girls and women. Shop them today!


3. Invest in pieces that can last a lifetime

What makes jewellery immortal? It’s never dying pieces. Shop for jewellery that has some pieces that you can wear after the big day or have curiosity every time you think of it to wear. Here you can get those pieces - look for oxidized jewellery like oxidized bracelets, oxidized silver necklace, and others. 

Buying oxidized jewellery has benefits as it gives you relief from cleaning and neither thinking about giving yourself a pleasant edge look.


4. Be Gentle Comfortable 

It’s a belief of our experts that when buying jewellery for a wedding or any serious occasion, select and buy a jewellery ornament that gives you gentle comfort and worth a piece of satisfaction. Because without comfortable jewellery you can’t be happy! And It’s matters to your looks and personality as well. 

Try and avoid very heavy earrings for occasions where you are required to dance.

In the end…

We hope that these tips suggested by our expertise will help you to buy the best jewellery for your wedding. With those happy words, thanks for reading this blog. And, don’t forget to look at our Best Selling Products that is especially hinge on wedding.


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