5 Must-Have Oxidized Jewellery Worthy of Your Collection

5 Must-Have Oxidized Jewellery Worthy of Your Collection

by Urwashee Saxena

While wearing your favorite oxidized earrings, have you ever thought that the charm of your earrings is the result of rust? Rust is the process of oxidization of the metal. Usually, rust kills the metal it touches but when silver is oxidized in the right conditions by the right elements, it gives birth to timeless beauty. It’s amazing how something so lethal could make something so beautiful. I think this is what makes oxidized jewellery among the most loved pieces of jewellery.

Oxidized jewellery comes in many forms, shapes, and sizes. It is you who look for something in those varieties to find the best piece of jewellery that resonates with you. Yes, it’s important to choose a jewellery that resonates with your personality, only this way it can actually complement you.

In the journey of finding what oxidized jewellery is made for you, let’s talk about 5 Must-Have Oxidized Jewellery in Your Collection. Why? You will know soon. Keep reading.

1. Oxidized Earrings

There is something mysterious about the earrings, else why would poets write so many poems about them? When these earrings are oxidized, they look like a souvenir of a long-lost past that had a profound send of beauty and culture. Maybe that’s why these earrings usually depict traditional culture. Countless designs are one of the best things about oxidized jewellery. You can find any type of earrings for any type of occasion or attire.

You can get oxidized earrings with Meenakari, and thread designs as well. From ethnic wear to a formal outfit, you can find perfect oxidized earrings for almost all ensembles. Therefore, celebrities like Selena Gomez and Dia Mirza are often found wearing gorgeous oxidized jewellery. So, here is the deal, get yourself a couple of stunning oxidized earrings and see how you can start playing in the big leagues.

2. Oxidized Necklace

It could be a minimal chain with a small pendant or a chunky boho-themed necklace around your neck, the versatility of oxidized jewellery is simply unmatched. The next one on our list is the oxidized necklace, something that you can never go wrong with. And they match with almost anything you want to wear. Sport an unbelievably stunning oxidized necklace to stand out from the crowd. The designs, colors, materials, the choices are infinite in the world of oxidized jewellery.

If you don’t have an oxidized necklace in your collection yet, then you’re about to experience a refreshing change in your style. You can go for some bold designs that look good on western wear, or if you want to go with something traditional then temple oxidized jewellery could elevate your impact. That should be convincing enough, right?

3. Oxidized Rings

A collection of jewellery without rings is as incomplete as pizza without cheese. Whether it is men or women, everyone has a soft corner in their hearts for rings. If we go into a little depth, rings are basically designer metal bands that you wear around your fingers. These metal bands have become the pure and romantic bond of love between you and your loved ones.

And there is no rule for why you can’t express your love in a million different ways with countless designs and styles of oxidized rings. So, let your heart explore the world of oxidized rings and find something that matches with your vibes, and sport it to complement your personality. Trust me, everyone is going to notice when you sway your hand with that stunningly gorgeous oxidized ring to say something in a group of people. And what is the cost of this fashion statement? Sometimes as low as a cup of coffee. Oxidized rings or jewellery are not as expensive as they look. They come in cheap but help you bang the floor with your style. So, what’s stopping you from getting some oxidized rings in your collection?

4. Oxidized Bangles

Indian look is incomplete without bangles. Usually made from glass and lacquer, these bangles are a quintessential part of the 100% authentic Desi persona. But bangles aren’t limited to just that, there are oxidized bangles and bracelets in the market or on an online website that can revolutionize your entire look. Traditional, unconventional, and spiritual, there is something for everyone in the oxidized bangles designs. Match them with a saree or jumpsuits, you can rock your bold look with these bangles to stand out from the crowd. The best part is, that you can always mix and match the oxidized bangles of different designs to create your own unique style. If you don’t have oxidized bangles in your jewellery collection, then this is the perfect time to do it. All it takes is an oxidized jewellery website and a few clicks here and a few clicks there to get your favorite oxidized jewellery.


5. Oxidized Nath

Nath is one of the most seducing parts of Indian adornments. It has a mysterious and secretive personality. Yet it is expressive and bold. Worn in the nose, Nath is literally a manifestation of contradictions, making it even more alluring. Oxidization art did nothing but increased the impact of Nath on the overall outfit of Indian women. It makes women look young, playful, and full of finesse. A confident woman with lethal Nath can make an impact beyond imagination. Such is the glory of a simple Nath.

Being a woman, you must have your own qualities and inclinations. For your unique personality, there are numerous designs of Nath are available online. From minimal design to dominatingly large, Nath like other oxidized jewellery comes in many shapes and designs. And if you are confident enough, you can rock it with almost any attire. It will take that confidence to a whole new level. That’s for sure. If you are ready to take the world by storm, then get yourself an oxidized Nath and let it unravel new experiences for you.

No one should be telling you what to do. But one can suggest new things to you and if you are willing you can try those things that can expose you to a whole new set of experiences. Sometimes these experiences can be life-changing. Maybe you haven’t tried oxidized jewellery yet because you were waiting for the right occasion. But sometimes, you are the occasion, your desire to be happy is the occasion, and opening yourself up to new experiences is the occasion, so don’t wait. Just go on a reliable oxidised jewellery website and order a couple of pieces that you like and try them on. What’s there to lose?

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