5 Earring Trends we are Crushing on this Wedding Season!

by Urwashee Saxena

Nobody cares how well you know the couple or the person getting married because wedding season is always an excellent excuse to dress up and look your best. Bridal lehengas are one of our favourite aspects of wedding season trends, but accessories are another. Several appealing accessory trends caught our attention this season, ranging from headpieces to veils and wedding earrings. No outfit is complete without the perfect pair of earrings, whether they are trendy styles or classics like American diamond studs. You will look put together no matter what you wear with a wide variety of earring types, whether you like studs, etc. Bridal earrings are also widely available and complement Lehengas and sarees.

Discover the top 5 trending styles of earrings you must have this season to feel oh-so-pretty!

1. American Diamond Earringsamerican-diamond-earrings-online-viraasi

Are you ready to shine this holiday season brightly? Because this year's accessory trend dazzles and sparkles in various shapes of American diamond earrings. These earrings exude finery and flamboyance, ensuring that you look great from day to night. Style yourself in trendy American diamond earrings without a second thought. Because of their environmentally friendly properties and low prices, American diamonds are among the world's most well-known stones today. They can obtain a diamond look at a meagre cost, which is what millennials seek.

2. Oxidised Earringsoxidised-earrings-online-viraasi

when paired correctly, oxidised earrings are a winner. They are genuinely rustic and, of course, every celebrity's best jewellery choice these days. The beauty of these earrings is that they go with almost any outfit, light or bright, day or night. These trendy silver oxidised earrings reveal modern craftsmanship while also allowing you to make a statement. Every girl should own at least one pair of oxidised earrings this holiday season to look stunning. They are frequently seen on B-town divas.

3. Pachi Kundan Earringskundan-earrings-online-viraasi

Ladies, this is your chance to become famous. A long pachi Kundan earring is the pinnacle of fine craftsmanship and tradition. Bringing out all your ribbons in one day, an exclusive piece of panchi Kundan earrings is all you need to up your accessory game. Take it up a notch this holiday season and follow the trend. Wear a pachi Kundan earring because everyone is crazy about them right now! They are unique in design and have a shiny look. They have fine finishing and an Alluring look.

4. Meenakari Earringsmeenakari-earrings-online-viraasi

This earring trend has been around for a long time and is still going strong. Meenakari earrings are a vibrant and elegant blend of Rajasthani and Mughal designs. This holiday season, boost your aura by investing in some trendy Meenakari earrings. They have earned praise, and they are sure to complement your festive ensemble. Aside from the traditional reds, greens, and pinks, meenakari jewels are also available in a variety of offbeat pastel colours, such as powder blue, mint green, blush pink, and others, as well as new patterns.

5. Gold-plated Earringsgold-plated-earrings-online-viraasi

A woman's outfit is incomplete without earrings. These earnings are the perfect everyday accessory for any outfit. These represent progress and make a strong statement on their own. If you want to wear gold earrings, choose a pair that complements your features and blends well with your skin, eyes, and hair colours. A pair of Gold-plated earrings will complete your look! According to the trend report, these earnings in the shape of hoops or danglers are the way to go this season. These earnings have been loved and worn by everyone this season. Hoops have always been popular, but no one expected them to take over the jewellery world. Hoop earrings have been a winning pick this year for everything from jeans to kurtas.


Earrings are the accessories to punctuate your look no matter where you are going and will always be relevant. If you are a fan of these elegant finds, wear them with any outfit for a striking effect. Consider them your go-to companion for a day out or a special occasion.

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