40 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Boyfriend - Part 2

by Urwashee Saxena

The quest of finding the ultimate valentine’s day gift for your boyfriend has brought you to Part Two of “40 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Boyfriend.” If you haven’t read Part One of these blogs then you’re welcome to read that part of the blog to find out 20 valentine’s day gift ideas for your boyfriend. The remaining 20 valentine’s day gift ideas are enlisted in this blog.

In Part Two, we will talk about some more personal valentine’s day gift ideas for your boyfriend. Let’s dig right into it.

21. Chain and Rings Set


Men’s fashion jewelry can elevate the overall appearance of men to a whole new level. A minimal chain and a couple of rings on the fingers can bring the oomph to the highest for your boyfriend. Fashion jewelry comes in various metal choices like steel, and titanium.

He can pair these fashion chains and rings with semi-formal and casual attires. They go perfectly well with various outfit choices. So, you will not have to worry about if he is going to wear them often or not. Therefore, it is a great valentine’s day gift for your boyfriend. He is going to wear them and love them for sure.

22. Beard Grooming Kit


A boyfriend with a beard is a living teddy bear. Well, at least for you. If your boyfriend sports a beard and mustache then the finest beard grooming kit will be the best choice for a valentine’s day gift. Protect his mane and condition it to be smooth and shiny with high-quality beard oil, shampoo, and conditioner. The kit will also include a beard comb and brush to make it look neat. A well-groomed boyfriend is a confident boyfriend. And a confident boyfriend is a great lover. A win-win situation for you.

23. Wallet


A wallet is a man’s must-have accessory. The best thing is, a wallet of the finest quality lasts decades. Imagine a gift that will last him more than a decade. It will always be by his side and make him think of you. You may think a wallet is a cliché for a valentine’s day gift for boyfriend. But think of it this way, you want him to have something that stays with him forever, just like your love, than something that he uses only once or twice in his life. Hence, a wallet is a way to go.

24. Weighted Blanket


If you live far from your boyfriend then a weighted blanket will always be there to hug him for you. A weighted blanket is not only comfortable and cozy, but it also serves many health benefits. Many reports have shown that weighted blankets help you sleep better which means your boyfriend will feel more refreshed after waking up.

Good sleep is the perfect mood enhancer. Plus, it’s not just for your boyfriend, it is for you as well. If you don’t have one yet, you might want to give it a shot and see how your sleep quality takes a leap ahead. Isn’t it the perfect valentine’s day gift for your boyfriend?

25. Travel Kit


Chances are your boyfriend travels a lot. It may be because he lives in a different city and he commutes back and forth to meet you. Or maybe he travels due to work. A travel kit can make his commute more organized and pleasing. It is a simple tiny bag that fits perfectly in a suitcase and can contain various items like chargers, cables, power banks, dongles, and various other essential accessories. Or you can also utilize it to contain your toiletries.

It might seem a simple gift, but it will unfold in its meaningfulness over time. And every time he uses it, it will make him thank you for such a thoughtful valentine’s day gift.

26. Espresso Machine


A day full of work and chores could suck the soul out of someone. A cup of coffee is the only thing that can make such days survivable. Hence, for a perfect valentine’s day gift for your boyfriend, an espresso machine is the essential choice. We are assuming that your boyfriend and your love coffee. Whenever you are at his place, he can brew two fresh cups of coffee for both of you so that you can have a romantic morning together. Some cheesy conversations would be a thing of perfection.

27. Wrist Watch


How will your boyfriend know it’s ‘cuddle o’clock’? If your boyfriend is quite busy and often forgets to cuddle, it’s high time that you should gift him a wristwatch that will remind him to cuddle you more often. How amazing is that!

A wristwatch is just like a wallet – it stays for ages and it remains always close to him. Therefore, it is also a fine choice for a valentine’s day gift for your boyfriend. Buying wrist watch is also quite a pleasant task. There are tons of options available at every price point. So, you won’t have to go crazy over searching for wristwatches.

28. Coffee Mug


If you are ordering that espresso machine then a pair of coffee mugs would be a fine addition to the valentine’s day gift for your boyfriend. Or if he already has an espresso machine then a pair of coffee mugs would bring newfound joy to your cheesy conversations while sipping coffee.

Thousands of customization and design choices are available in the market when it comes to coffee mugs. Get something unique so that it remains nothing like anything.

29. Custom Whiskey Glass Set


Coffee is for the day whereas nights are reserved for whiskey. If you and your boyfriend enjoy occasional drinking together then a custom-made whiskey glass set would be a classy valentine’s day gift for your boyfriend. These glasses are stunning to look at. And since they don’t add anything to the flavor of the whiskey but still it is quite an experience to drink in a fancy whiskey glass that is made especially for you.

30. Heated Electric Blanket


Guess what, your boyfriend may not be a fan of weighted blankets. But he is going to fall in love with a heated electric blanket. A heated electric blanket uses electricity as a power supply and the heating coils are spread all around the blanket to evenly warm the entire blanket. As a result, it offers consistent warmth throughout the night ensuring comfortable and deep sleep. The cherry on top is - we have heard that a warm blanket can make cuddles feel extra special.

31. Amazon Kindle e-Ink e-book Reader


An Amazon Kindle e-Ink Reader would be a phenomenal valentine’s day gift for your boyfriend if he is fond of books. A Kindle is an e-book reader device that allows users to read books with a paper-like e-ink display. Book readers know that running out of space to put paper books is real trouble. Therefore, a Kindle is a great device to read books on the go. It can store thousands of books. Your boyfriend will no longer need to worry about his shrinking space to put paper books. Amazon Kindle comes in various screen sizes and storage options, go to the Amazon website or mobile app to get the best one for your boyfriend.

32. Backpack


What’s special about a normal backpack that helps you carry a laptop, a charger, a couple of notebooks, a water bottle, a bunch of cables, a wallet, a lunchbox, a few snacks, and a smartphone? Well, I have mentioned everything already, haven’t I? A backpack is a perfect companion for anyone who is always on commute. If your boyfriend is someone who travels between places, it could be college, office, library, or café to work then a backpack is like a personal assistant for him.

A perfect valentine’s day should have something of practical value as well as a romantic gesture. A backpack checks both boxes in this matter. It is a symbol of care and affection. And guess what the varieties of designs and shapes at every price point are limitless.

33. Custom Couple Portrait


There are many talented artists who offer their services on social media and Etsy. If you send them a picture of you with your boyfriend then they will create a handmade painting or drawing for you. A picture may speak a thousand words but a handmade painting or a drawing is a whole different thing. It is a such romantic gesture on this special day of valentine’s day.

Put it on the wall of his room and surprise him with this inexplicable symbol of love. This is what love is made of, these small gestures that constitute to create the whole of love.

34. Duffle Bag


For commutes within the city, a backpack is enough, but if he has to travel out of the city to meet you or for work then a duffle bag will help him a lot. A duffle bag has the same energy as a backpack. Both are necessary at their specific places. One can’t replace one with the other.

Sometimes, he might need both of them together. Hence, you can pair both, a backpack, and a duffle bag, to make an ultimate valentine’s day gift for your boyfriend.

35. Hooded Bathrobe


A bathrobe is a thing of comfort, warmth, and luxury. But a hooded bathrobe is a step ahead. A hooded bathrobe will cover him head to toe and make him look like a wild MMA fighter. Your boyfriend will look both cute and sexy at the same time wearing this bathrobe. Whenever he is not around you, he is going to think of you while wearing this bathrobe thinking that is a warm hug from you.

Hence, a hooded bathrobe is a both personal and practical valentine’s day gift for your boyfriend. There are some customization options are also available. You might want to get it custom embroidered for both of you.

36. Yoga/Gym Membership


Sometimes to start something new, all we need is a push. Yoga or a gym membership is that crucial push that will snowball into a healthy habit. Staying physically fit is an integral part of mental and emotional well-being. Indirectly, it is going to enhance the quality of your relationship with your boyfriend as well. If he’s been telling you lately that he is going to start working out soon but failing every time, then a gym membership or a subscription to a yoga class would motivate him to start thinking about his physical fitness.

A gift of health and well-being is the ultimate gift for valentine’s day for your boyfriend. You can never go wrong with it.

37. Skin Care Kit


There are thousands of ways to show someone your love and care. Gifting them a skin care kit is one of them. Actually, it is somewhere around the top part of the list. Because healthy skin is a proven mood and confidence booster. If you know that you have perfectly radiant skin then your confidence will go crazy.
If your boyfriend takes really good care of his skin then he is going to love your gift. If he is not into skincare then gift him anyway. It will be a perfect opportunity for you to teach him good habits. The best part is, you can carry on your skin routine together, every day. How romantic is that! This romantic aspect surely makes it a healthy as well as romantic valentine’s day gift for your boyfriend.

38. Chef’s Knife Set


If your boyfriend loves to cook then you’re a very lucky person. It is widely considered among women that men who cook are more caring, affectionate, and understanding.

Hence, on this valentine’s day gift your boyfriend a set of premium chef’s knives. Only a chef knows how much a chef values his/her set of knives. A perfect set of knives is the ultimate luxury for someone who loves to cook. But make sure you are getting the one that is widely rated highest among other cooking aficionados. It might require you to do a little research on the internet. But we’re sure it is going to be worth it. We assure you this valentine’s day give for your boyfriend is going to make him fall in love with you all over again.

39. Popcorn Machine


Imagine yourself with your boyfriend watching a movie on TV. The nice blanket is wrapped around you. You are in his arms. The room temperature is good, the movie is good, and the cuddles are just perfect. But there’s something missing. It is almost like a movie theater. ALMOST.

To make it more like an actual movie theater, you need to raise the bar. On this valentine’s day get your boyfriend a nice and shiny old-school popcorn machine. And he is going to cry out of sheer joy like a baby. The machine will not only give you freshly popped popcorn but it will also give your room the fragrance of hot popcorn just like they have in movie theaters.

The classic sound of the popping of corn kernels is perfection in itself.

40. Box of Chocolates


Love and chocolates go hand in hand. Those who love someone love chocolates. Chocolate is sweet, sensual, sexy, and silky. And it comes in tens of flavors that will give your tastebuds an orgasm. The popularity of chocolates among couples is the reason why the highest consumption of chocolates occurs on Valentine’s Day than on any other day of the year. In addition, a box of chocolates will never go out of style. Even some go to the extent of saying, a valentine’s day is incomplete without a box of chocolates.

If you and your boyfriend love chocolates then, a box of chocolates would be a phenomenal valentine’s day gift for him.

Alright, we have reached the end of the list of 40 Unique valentine’s day gift ideas for your boyfriend. We hope, while going through this list you have found what you were looking for. From the entire team of Viraasi, we wish you a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

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