40 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Boyfriend - Part 1

by Urwashee Saxena

Valentine’s Day is approaching and finding the best gift for your boyfriend could invite some crippling anxiety. To be honest, it’s not just about the gift, instead, the type of gift you choose shows how deeply you know your boyfriend and how much you love him. This burden of expressing your love is the main cause of your anxiety, isn’t it?

You know, there are thousands of things around you that you can gift to your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day 2023. However, the moment you start thinking about the one that you want to gift him on this V-Day, your brain will go numb. Come on, we have all been there at some point in our lives.

We, at Viraasi, don’t want you to stress over the perfect gift for him. Therefore, our team has been curating a wonderful list of Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend for months. So that you don’t have to go crazy. While going through the gift idea list, you will find that you could come up with any of these gifts but due to excessive stress, your brain chose to ditch you.

But don’t worry. Viraasi is here to rescue you. Let’s begin, shall we?

List of Top 40 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend that will make him feel loved

1. Smart Speaker


Boys are usually tech lovers. If your boyfriend is one too then he is going to love a smart speaker. Amazon Echo Dot, Google Nest, and Apple Home Pod Mini are some of the best choices among the top smart speakers in the market right now.

These smart speakers come with virtual assistant enabled. Your boyfriend is going to have a lot of fun talking to a virtual assistant and making it do various automated tasks like setting a reminder, playing a song, ordering something on Amazon, etc. Hence, we think your boyfriend is going to love a smart speaker as his Valentine’s Day Gift.

2. Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphones


We know you love your boyfriend so much. And seeing him working from home while concentrating seriously on his laptop screen makes your heart filled with warmth and love. To give him an uninterrupted working environment, gift him a nice pair of noise-canceling wireless headphones. These headphones will trim down all the external noises to create a perfect working condition for him.

Brands like Sony, Bose, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Apple, and Boat make various noise-canceling wireless headphones. You might want to go through all these brands check all the different options and choose what you think is going to be the best Valentine’s Day gift for him.

3. Charging Dock


Your boyfriend will thank you a thousand times for this phenomenal Valentine’s Day gift. Because he might have a huge range of tech devices he might have a tough time keeping them all juiced up all the time. A charging dock is a one-stop solution to this agony.

A charging dock is a device that has multiple charging cables and wireless charging pads to simultaneously charge all your devices at once. That means you can charge all your devices like smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, power banks, Bluetooth speakers, and laptops via one device. How cool is that!

4. Power Bank


A power bank is the best buddy of any tech enthusiast. A smart power bank with a wireless charging pad can offer your boyfriend the utility that he is always going to appreciate every time he uses it. There are times when are running out of juice in your smartphone but having a power bank with you can help you charge up your smartphone multiple times. That means you will never be disconnected from your boyfriend.

5. Xbox/PS5 Gaming Console


If your boyfriend is a gamer then gifting him an Xbox or a PS5 will bring him an infinite amount of joy. For a gamer, a gaming console is the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift for boyfriend. There’s nothing better than this. If you are thinking to give your boyfriend a valentine’s day that he is going to remember all the time then this is the one that you are looking for.

6. Xbox/PS5 Controller


If your boyfriend already has a gaming console then you could gift him an extra controller. He is going to kneel in front of you with utter humility and gratitude. Maybe he will shed a tear or two. The best part about gifts like this is that your boyfriend is going to use them every day. Whenever he is going to play a video game, he is going to think of you.

Who thought a gaming controller could be so romantic?

7. Desk Mat and Mousepad Set


For a working-from-home boyfriend, a desk mat and mousepad set is the nicest gift. Men are usually meticulous about their electronic device care. They like to keep their gadget nice and clean all the time. A desk mat and a mousepad will not only serve as a great utility but are also going to be a nice addition to the aesthetic of his work desk. In other words, if your boyfriend likes things organized and aesthetics matter to him then he is going to love his valentine’s gift for sure.

8. Custom Smartphone Case


A smartphone case that is going to remind him of you all the time. How romantic is that! There are hundreds of websites on the internet that will help you design and order a custom-made smartphone case for your boyfriend. And he is going to love it!

9. Custom AirPod Case


If your boyfriend is an audiophile and is in love with his AirPods then this Valentine’s Day gift is going to make him jump like a baby. Every time he slips out his Airpods with a custom-made case gifted by you is going to make him smile and think of you.
Making someone think of you is the best part of gifting, right?

10. Ergonomic Work/Gaming Chair


A list of perfect Valentine’s Day gifts is incomplete without gifts that actually take care of the health of your boyfriend. Whether he spends long hours working from home or enjoys playing video games on his PC, the habit of sitting down for long periods is going to take a serious toll on his health. Chances are, his back and neck are hurting already.

The only solution is an ergonomic work/chair. These chairs are specially built to support the back and neck for extended hours of work. Therefore, a chair could be the most thoughtful gift for your boyfriend.

11. Desk Organizer


A desk organizer is a little box or tray that helps you to put things like a smartphone, smartwatch, writing pad, sunglasses, etc. so that they don’t lie scattered all around the desk. For organized and minimal aesthetics, a desk organizer can do wonders. Get him one this valentine’s day and he is going to be very happy.

12. Mini Projector


A mini projector can turn your ordinary date nights into something like they show in the movies – worth remembering. Imagine you and him together in your bed, wrapped in each other’s arms and there is a tiny projector playing a slideshow of your memories on the wall in front of you. The dark room only lit by the flickering of the projector is going to be the most romantic and cinematic date night of your life. So, if you want to gift him something really romantic then a mini projector can do wonders for you.

13. A Hoodie


They say a hoodie is a warm hug that you can wear. And they are absolutely true. Because a hoodie is all about warmth and comfort. If something is all about warmth and comfort and love then why can’t it be a perfect valentine’s day gift for your boyfriend?

The best part is, you can customize a hoodie and write anything on it or maybe put a design on it. Just find a website that does this job the best and you’re all set.

14. Beanie


If you have already given him a hoodie on Christmas then a beanie is the next warmest gift. In the chilling valentine’s month, a comfy beanie will offer your boyfriend the warmth of your love. Now that’s called a romantic valentine’s day.

15. The Night We Met Frame


Do you remember the day you met your boyfriend for the first time? It must have felt like all the stars were aligned for you that night, right? Imagine if you could get a picture of those stars and put it in a beautiful frame.

Well, you could get a framed picture of the star position on the day you met your boyfriend from Etsy. Many sellers are providing a picture of stars' position in different styles and patterns. Get one for your boyfriend this valentine’s day.

16. Long Distance Touch Bracelets


A long-distance touch bracelet is not one bracelet, instead, it comes in a pair. One for you and another one for your boyfriend. Wherever you are in this world if you touch the bracelet the one your boyfriend is wearing will light up and vibrate telling him that you are thinking about him. The same will happen with your bracelet as well if he touches his bracelet.

This is one of the most romantic valentine’s day gifts for your boyfriend. So, hurry up and get a pair today.

17. Warm Slip-Ons


Who doesn’t love a nice pair of warm and cozy slip-on? Your boyfriend is going to adore this gift because it will keep his feet so comfortable in this chilly winter. These winter slip-ons come in various designs and shapes. So, be creative or funny, and get him whatever pair you want to make his day extra special.

There are some superhero and cartoon character options are also available. And there are some funny ones that will make him laugh every time he wears them. Such a cool idea to celebrate a romantic evening together.

18. Pocket Knife


Don’t ask why, just get him a beautiful handmade pocket knife and he will love it for sure. If you don’t get why men love pocket knives, don’t bother, even if they don’t know why they do, they just do. There’s something cool about these pocket knives that make them so attractive.

These pocket knives come in various sizes and shapes with a sheath made of leather, wood, and alloy metals. You can also try Damascus steel knives for extra excitement from your boyfriend. This is certainly the best non-tech valentine’s day gift that you can give to your boyfriend.

19. Perfume


Well, this valentine’s day gift for your boyfriend is actually for you. If your boyfriend smells nice it’s a win-win situation for you. If you want to enhance the quality of your cuddles and romantic time then this fine bottle of luxury perfume is the best choice you’re going to make this valentine’s day. Plus, you will reap the fruit of this gift for a very, very long time. Don’t forget to thank us later for this exciting suggestion.

20. Shoes/Sneakers/Kicks


If you love your boyfriend then you really know how much he loves his sneaker collection. And he can never have too many shoes in his collection. If you take a part in his expanding this sneaker collection then he is going to love you A LOT. Maybe not as much as he loves his shoes but that is still quite enough.

For an extra oomph from his side, get something from Nike, Adidas, Yeezy, or Balenciaga. If you get him a shoe-care kit with these shoes, he is going to worship you for this valentine’s day gift.

You might be tired of scrolling through this ultimate list of the best Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend. Let’s take a water break here and start again with Part 2 of this blog where we will see more gift ideas.

PS: In Part Two of this blog, these are some MORE PERSONAL valentine’s day gift ideas. So, tune into Part Two now!

And if you are looking for best valentine's day gift for her then you can read this blog.

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