What is Kundan Jewellery and Types of Kundan Jewellery?

What is Kundan Jewellery and Types of Kundan Jewellery?

by Urwashee Saxena

India is a country recognized for the diversity of its handicrafts, culture, and religion. It is highly known for its opulent fabrics and traditional jewellery. One of the numerous prevalent types of jewellery is Kundan, an antique style adorned with diamonds and gold foil. Among these groups of ladies, young and charming ladies like Kundan bridal jewellery very much. It is thought that Kundan originated in the royal courts of Rajasthan in past centuries. Hence it is considered to be of royal descent. Some people call it Jaipuri or Bikaneri jewellery.

What Is Kundan Jewellery?

The word "Kundan" conjures images of priceless gold. It gave the jewellery its name, a base of gold foil made of a highly refined and pure type of molten gold used to enclose jewels or pieces of glass. It is manufactured with a Kundan pattern on the front and a bright colour enamel coating on the back. More than 2500 years ago, it began to have a rich history. Since 24-carat gold is a little softer than other metals, just the jadayi portion—hence referred to as Kundan—is made of it. Jadau jewellery is another name for Kundan manufacturing.

The popular decoration known as "Kundan keshri," used for marriages and other momentous occasions, is an incredible, intricate art style. In addition to untouched diamonds comprehended as Polki, it entails meticulously setting polished charming or semi-precious stones. A gold foil is used to place the stones and is positioned between them and their mounting. "Kundan," which describes the purified molten gold foil utilised as a support for the stones, means "refined gold."

What Is The History Behind Kundan Jewellery?

India's passion for jewellery and ornamentation dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization, which emerged more than 5000 years ago.  The Mughals developed and nurtured the craft of Kundan jewellery, like the Kundan Sheeshphool, starting in the 16th century. It blossomed in the royal courts of Gujarat and Rajasthan. But before the Mughals became involved, the craft was already in use. However, the Mughals gave it new life. The artists of Rajasthan and Gujarat are believed to have inherited considerable Kundan craftings and techniques from Delhi courts.

Ancient Indian kings and ministers used Kundan work in the design of their regal clothing and even as an accent on royal furniture, in addition to commissioning jewellery made of Kundan stones. Kundan Keshari is another term for this old form of art or method.

Different Types Of Kundan Jewellery

The types of Kundan bridal jewellery that future brides will undoubtedly select for their wedding ceremony are listed below.

Kundan Earrings


Everyone knows that ladies have a particular affinity for and attraction to certain earrings. And as a result, people also attempt to purchase different earrings from various jewellery collections. In actuality, it is also the most alluring jewellery item for brides. On their wedding day, brides often test unusual earring designs and styles to be creative. Additionally, people wear earrings with a variety of outfits. Every future bride can seem both gorgeous and captivating wearing these kundan earrings.

Kundan Necklace Set


The necklace is one of the famous pieces of Kundan jewellery from the Kundan collection. The Kundan necklace's clarity, lustre, and brightness are sufficient to dazzle any woman who enjoys wearing various types of jewellery for various situations. Even though many people cannot afford a Kundan necklace set, they try to carry at least one necklace as part of their investment in bridal jewellery.

Kundan Bangles


A woman's jewellery box still has a special place for the timeless beauty of the Kundan bangles. Without just a trace of Kundan, jewellery is never truly finished. Since the Mughal era, these bangles have been a woman's all-time favourite and go perfectly with ethnic attire. These bracelets can be worn alone or with other bracelet sets.

Kundan Pendants

You can choose from numerous elegant and posh pendants and a Kundan necklace set. These can enhance the bride's beauty on the day of your wedding. The Kundan collection pendants come in a variety of unique cuts and forms, allowing prospective brides to select the style that is ideal for them.

Kundan Bracelets

Kundan bracelets are another piece of jewellery from the Kundan collection that most upcoming brides adore. If the bride does not want to wear bangles, she can wear beautifully crafted bracelets, which are mostly the ideal alternative. These jewellery pieces are the greatest for enhancing the hands and making them appear beautiful and eye-catching.


What Is The Making Process Of Kundan Jewellery?

Making Kundan bridal jewellery takes a lot of labour. The procedure is also very complicated. Since finely developed expertise is required at every level, most processes have a professionally specialised craftsman.

The process begins with the fabrication of the "Ghaat," or skeletal framework, followed by the "Paadh," or pouring lac or natural resin into the base and shaping it according to the Kundan set patterns.

The following stage, known as "Khudai," involves placing glass and uncut, shaped, polished (multi- or single-coloured) gemstones on the framework. More Kundan or melted gold is added to the edges for a clean, polished appearance. Meenakari's inclusion at this point allows for fine-tuning of the details.

The next step in the "Pakai" process is to add the gold foils to secure the item. The gemstones are carefully polished in the final stage, known as the "Chillai." The artwork is reversible because of the exquisite Meenakari engravings that have been added.


Kundan jewellery is one of the unique pieces you can find in India. The costs for handcrafted Kundan jewellery, from Kundan rings to Sheeshphool, range from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 5,00,000 Lakh when fashioned with genuine gold and expensive gemstones. Kundan jewellery is so popular among young Indian women and in-vogue fashion jewellery. Thus, you may get pretty priced sets and pieces beginning at Rs. 5000. Thus, we hope we can help you with all the information regarding Kundan Jewellery.


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