Top 8 Jewellery Gifts Ideas for Women and Their Hidden Meanings

by Urwashee Saxena

A gift isn’t meaningless. Especially when you offer a gift to a woman, be it your wife, girlfriend, mother, or your sister, a gift must hold a special meaning or purpose behind it. Because a gift is just a medium for conveying your feelings to the receiver. And what could be a great gift to a woman than jewellery? You can’t just pick any jewellery and offer it to a woman. Every piece of jewelry holds a distinct meaning behind it. It says something about you to the receiver. Why else do we propose our partner with a ring? Why not with a necklace? Why not with bangles?

Because it is true that every occasion asks for a special gift, and every gift has a hidden meaning within. In the case of jewellery, let’s talk about what are some of the jewellery gifts online that you can give to your beloved and what is the hidden meaning behind them. 

1. A Ring

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A ring holds great value to a woman’s heart. Often comes in various metals and kaleidoscopic range of stones, rings are synonymous with the expression of love. That’s why we don’t just offer rings to anyone we love. Out of all the jewellery pieces in the world, we keep rings reserved only for the special one. Because a ring is a symbol of your commitment and dedication towards the person you’re offering.

A ring, as a gift, means you are offering your heart to someone. Someone, with whom you’re committed to spending the rest of your life in good times and bad, in sickness and health. You’re putting your faith in someone; you’re offering them the key to your heart. It’s amazing to see how a small piece of jewellery can hold this much value. So, if you have such feelings for someone, don’t wait, just offer them the best ring as a gift, or as a token of your feelings now.

2. A Necklace

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Where a ring is all about commitment and dedication, a necklace is all about sincere affection towards your beloved. A necklace is a delicate piece of jewelry, that sits right next to a woman’s heart, wrapped around her neck. It is delicate and it’s intricate, it is crafted carefully and just like that it is given to someone you deeply care about.

If you want to show care and your profound appreciation to someone, then by all respect just gift a beautiful necklace and I’m sure your gesture will bring delight to their face. They will remember you every time they put on that necklace and it is all that you can wish for. It is a great gift to your wife, mother, sister, or anyone you deeply care about. Just select the piece among the best necklaces for her and make her day memorable.

3. A Pair of Earrings

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Earrings are joyful, playful, and full of zeal. But they are also innocent and caring. In a way, you can say earrings are a little humble substitute for a ring. If you want to make someone's day with a gift then earrings are the way to go. Earrings are the most easily worn piece of jewellery that a woman always wears no matter what. And the best part is, you can gift to anyone in your friends and family.

In households, earrings mean a pious gift, as an essential part of a woman’s shringaar.  Therefore, when you gift a pair of beautiful earrings to someone, then know that you’re giving them a gift of good fortune, and a gift to their womanhood. So, just grab the best earrings online that will suit your beloved’s personality and bring a smile to their face.

4. Bangles

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What do you think of when the word Bangles comes to your mind? This word is laden with a profound meaning of the bond of marriage. According to the Indian culture, bangles are the sign of prosperity of a woman’s marriage. It is a sign of her healthy married life. Since bangles hold this much value in our society, bangles are the most common piece of jewellery that is passed on to generations as family heirlooms. Because it is said that bangles are the most auspicious gift that a woman can offer to another woman.

Bangles come in many colors and designs; women wear them in unlimited combinations. It shows how bangles are some of the most versatile pieces of jewelry. Bangles give them a way to express their distinct personality, it’s a great way of expression. Why not take a look into some really amazing bangles online and gift her something that suits her personality?

5. A Pair of Anklets

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Go to any Indian house and one melody will touch your ear, that is a sound of tiny beads of anklets dramatically clashing with each other, wrapped around the feet of the women of the house, as they gloriously walk around their humble abode. And anklets are all about that, a woman and her unfaltering confidence while she declares her presence. Since, confidence is one of the key traits of a woman, a pair of anklets becomes an essential part of her attire. Therefore, just like bangles, anklets are also passed on to generations as their heirlooms.

When you gift anklets to someone in your family or friends, you give them not as jewellery, but as a tool or accessory that will amplify their confidence. If someone is coming to your mind then all you need to do is find the best pair of anklets online and gift them to her.

6. A Mangalsutra

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A mangalsutra has very high significance in a Hindu marriage. The word mangalsutra itself means an auspicious bond. According to the Hindu religion, a mangalsutra is gifted to a woman by her husband on the day of their marriage. This simple mangalsutra embodies the meanings of their marriage. A married woman will always wear a mangalsutra around her neck. It is a sign of her marriage and its pious and pure bond.

If you want to give your wife a mangalsutra, then think about the values on which your marriage stans and the vows you had taken for your wife and then gift her this beautiful gift. This will mean the whole world to her. Find the best mangalsutra online for her online and gift her that, she deserves to know how much you love and respect her.

7. Mang Tikka

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Mang Tikka is another essential part of Indian must-have jewellery. It is also a part of a woman’s shringaar – adornment. Like bangles and mangalsutra, it is also a pious piece of jewelry that women love to wear on their heads. Since it is worn on the head, it holds a special value. A Mang Tikka is about the prosperity of a woman and her marriage. Mang Tikka is a sign of importance and value. A woman wearing a mang tikka will always be a confident person, a person of value, and great significance.

So, if you’re gifting someone a mang tikka, it means you acknowledge her confident personality and significance, and her prosperous life. You respect them for whoever she is and that mang tikka is a token of honor from your side to her. If you have someone in mind, then all you need to do is find the best mang tikka online and gift straight to her. She will know what you mean by that gesture.

8. An Armlet Shop Oxidized Armlet for Women Online | Viraasi

An armlet is a beautiful bracelet-like jewellery that is worn, as the name suggests, around the arm by women. Not many women wear these armlets, but those who do, stand out from the crowd. The delicately designed armlets are the pure sign of a distinct persona. And that’s why those women who love flaunt their remarkable personalities, wear these as a symbol of their confidence and authority.

Armlets come in many sizes and shapes, many colors and designs, therefore, every woman has something for her personality. Let her express her individuality with this intricately designed adornment and you will see a whole new person in her. If you respect a woman’s authority, then find the best-looking armlet online for her and gift her. By all means, she deserves that.

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The Final Note

Gifts, gestures, or any act, all have a hidden meaning in them. Sometimes we choose words to express what we what to say. But sometimes when words are not enough, we choose these gifts as our medium of expression. Trust me, they mean and last longer than words sometimes. If this article, or this line, or maybe this moment invokes a feeling in you that you want to express in front of someone. Then this is the sign you’re looking for. Go and find the best jewelry you can find, and express your feeling through that. Best wishes to you.

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