Latest Bridal Jewellery Trends for 2022

by Urwashee Saxena

Many of our favorite celebrities got married in the recent past. For days we looked at their wedding pictures and talked to our friends about their bridal ensemble. The Kanjivaram Saree of Deepika Padukone showed us that the lehenga isn’t the only choice if you want to be the bride of your dreams. But there’s one thing that cannot be replaced no matter what, i.e., bridal jewellery.

We have seen so many varieties of bridal jewellery from different celebrities. From Katrina to Alia, from Deepika to Anushka, every bride had a completely different style of the bridal outfit. Everything about their bridal jewellery expressed something really close to their hearts.

For example, Alia Bhatt had the number eight embroidered in her outfit. The number eight is the lucky number of Ranbir Kapoor. Whereas Katrina Kaif had some personal messages in her coin bridal jewellery.

Every piece of jewellery says something about you. And today, we are going to talk about the greatest and latest bridal jewellery trends of 2022.

1. Bridal Mang Teeka Trends 2022

Let’s start from the top. Mang Teeka is an essential part of the traditional jewellery of Royal Indian families. Hence, it becomes a crucial part of your bridal look that enhances your head to give you stunning prominence.

For your bridal jewellery, you can go for Matha Patti as well. Matha Patti has been a common part of most celebrity brides. It is available in different sizes. Make sure you get one according to the size of your head. Matha Patti comes in various styles. You can get it in oxidized, Kundan, meenakari, polki, and gold tones as well.

Mouni Roy is a perfect example here. She wore a stunning matha patti on her wedding day. It had faint green beads dangling from it. The size and style of matha patti perfectly complemented the heavy choker on her neck.

Matha Patti alone can do the trick for you. Or just like magnificent Katrina Kaif, you can pair it with Sheeshphool. Sheeshphool is a traditional part of bridal jewellery. And nowadays it is catching a spark again among new celebrity brides. Sheeshphool will make your overall bridal look too hard to forget.

2. Bridal Necklace Trends 2022

The necklace is the home of bridal jewellery and other pieces are the different sections of this home. Together they make a home that passes the test of time.

For a bridal necklace, you mainly have two options. Either you can go with a heavy choker necklace, or you can sport a multilayered Maharani Haar. Both have distinct auras of their presence. Both will look equally gorgeous in your outfit. The choice is yours.

Just to give you an idea. If you have a slender neck, then you can get the advantage of a heavy choker necklace. A choker will also give you a clean look while being extravagant at the same time.

On the other hand, multilayered maharani haar will look lavish on you want to be a bride adorned with jewels all around your torso. A Maharani Haar has been in the trend for centuries and it isn’t going out of style for a couple of more centuries.

Mouni Roy wrapped a heavy choker around her neck on her wedding day. The necklace was studded with uncut diamond and emerald beads dangling around.

Katrina Kaif went with a heavier choker studded with uncut diamonds. Her necklace was made in vintage royal style language. The placement of diamonds and smaller details can be traced back to old royal houses. Maybe that is why the couple chose to get married in a fort in Rajasthan.

If you look at the bridal look of Bollywood queen Deepika Padukone, you will see her wearing a smaller choker with a multilayered necklace during Phere. The queen chose to wear the best of both worlds. She can be seen wearing a heavy choker in another bridal look as well. But whatever she wore, she stole millions of hearts all around the world.

So, the key takeaway is, that you can wear a choker or ranihaar at your wedding. The best styles can be an uncut diamond necklace, Kundan necklace, meenakari necklace, gold-toned necklace, etc. Emerald and uncut diamond necklaces are trending like anything. The best part is, that they can be paired with any type of outfit.

You can find a huge range of bridal necklaces on Viraasi. We have just updated our entire bridal jewellery collection just for you.

3. Bridal Nath Trends 2022

Nath is so elegant part of the bridal jewellery collection that people have written songs about it. The finesse it gives to your bridal look is beyond every limit. It is no exaggeration to say a bridal look is incomplete without the Nath.

Look at Deepika’s nath at her wedding, she rocked a minimal but quite large nath. It had a few pearls on it and that’s it. It was enough to create waves all around the globe. Such is the power of a nath.

We have seen something similar in the dreamy bridal look of Anushka Sharma. She wore a similar pearly minimal nath with just one bead of emerald. Emerald is widely used for its beautiful dark green accent color that new brides love to show off. Anushka has proved it too.

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If you are not a fan of large nath then Karishma Tanna has a treat for you. On her wedding day, she wore a smaller nath with pearls dangling from it. It gave her an adorable bridal look that people would remember for many years to come.

These all are modern styles of nath. But if you are a fan of heritage look then Sabyasachi brides have something for you. Sabyasachi makes a huge collection of nath with countless designs heritage designs. Usually, they comprise heavy Kundan and meenakari work and come in almost all sizes.

So, if you want to make your bridal look timeless, you can either go with a minimal celebrity look or you can live a day like a queen with heritage-style Nath by Sabyasachi. The choice is yours.

The bottom line is you need to express yourself in your bridal look. So, whatever you want to do with your bridal look, you will find it on Viraasi.
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