How to Take Care of Your Jewellery - 5 Insider Tips

by Urwashee Saxena

Before jumping right to the insider tips of taking care of your fashion jewelry, read a tiny story about my several heartbreaks. It’s really tiny… but it’s deep.

I didn’t know I needed to take special care of my imitation jewelry collection. This realization came after losing a couple of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to discoloration and corrosion. For whatever reason, it was always the fashion jewellery that garnered the best compliments for me. I still miss my Kundan earrings and minimal pendant that became the prey of discoloration. 

Losing your favorite piece of fashion jewellery is equivalent to heartbreak. To make sure it doesn’t happen to you, I have spent several hours and a bunch of cups of coffee to find out ways to take proper care of your favorite imitation jewellery.

Therefore, get ready to take notes, this is going to be a very interesting read. Here are the insider tips and tricks to take care of your jewellery.

1. Perfume is the culprit

Yes! You heard it right. The tiniest drops of your perfume or cologne can start damaging the surface of your imitation jewellery. No matter if you’re wearing a gold plated necklace or oxidized earrings, just keep your fashion jewellery away from your perfume.

People might argue that expensive perfumes are rather safe. But let me save you the trouble here. From cheap to expensive perfumes, all are made of chemical compositions that are unsafe for your beautiful jewellery.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t wear your perfume.

Make sure you wear perfume before wearing your stunning fashionable jewellery. By following this method, you can reduce the chances of perfume coming into contact with your jewellery.

Let’s move on to the next tip for taking really good care of your imitation jewellery.

2. Hairspray is the wolf in sheep’s clothing

I know, I know hairspray is a quintessential part to help you achieve your ideal look. But honey, like you didn’t have to leave perfume, you won’t be needing to leave your hairspray either.

The problem with any beauty product that could be sprayed is it can travel farther than we can assume. While applying hairspray, a lot of this product could come into contact with your Mang-teeka, earrings, or even your bangles.

Don’t be nervous. The basic rule of thumb is, that all the beauty products should be applied before wearing your show-stopper fashion jewellery. Voila!

But that’s not it. You could be making some other mistakes that are silently harming your jewellery collection. So, keep on reading my list of tips that will help you take care of your fashion jewellery like a pro.

3. Wet wipes are more versatile than you think

Wearing your jewellery before putting on your all beauty product might save the jewellery to a certain extent. But that’s not all. Still, the jewellery comes in contact with your skin that is carefully conditioned to look flawless. Sadly, that’s not good for your jewellery.

When you are done rocking the event, carefully take off your jewellery and gently wipe it off with wet wipes. These versatile wipes easily clean all the beauty products, sweat, and dust from the jewellery and make it last long enough.

Feeling confident already?

Wait, there’s more.

4. Toothbrush: The Ultimate Savior

In an Indian household, a toothbrush doesn’t end up in the garbage bin after fulfilling its basic purpose. Just like the Indian Soap Opera protagonist, a toothbrush also has dramatic character development in its lifetime before it rests in the garbage can.

Even after wiping carefully with wet wipes, some fashion jewellery may contain particles of dust or any cosmetic product in the finer crevices. To clean those particles, all you have to do is, mix a few drops of gentle soap in warm water and soak the jewellery for a couple of seconds. Then gently clean the jewellery with a toothbrush until it looks good as new.

While you’re cleaning your jewellery, make sure you don’t overdo it. To ensure proper method, act like you’re a watchmaker. Try to be as gentle as you can and you’re good.

If you’ve come this far, don’t worry there’s one more, I promise. After knowing the final tip on how to take care of your jewellery, you can call yourself a pro.

5. Your Jewellery likes to Party Together but Rest Alone

How do you store your jewellery?

Your jewellery is made of various metals. And when you store a bunch of or even a pair of jewellery together, they tend to scratch surfaces of one another. Sometimes they might even break some bits and pieces of each other. If you see the stones coming off and newfound scratches on your jewellery, it means you need to reorganize the way you store your jewellery.

Hang your earrings and rings apart from each other. Your necklace also likes to hang on a similar surface to your neck. If you don’t have such storage partitions, just store the necklace on a padded flat surface. Make sure the inner surface of your storage compartments is made of material that does not entangle with the jewellery.

Wrapping Things Up

The gist of taking proper care of your fashion or imitation jewellery is to be mindful of your jewellery. When you buy fashion jewellery online, make sure you read the dedicated guide to care for your jewellery. You don’t have to worry too much about the jewellery.

Just take care of some of the fundamentals and you’re ready to rock the show.

If you’re looking for some fashion jewellery that does not require too much care and lasts long, then feel free to explore the collection of the latest imitation jewellery from Viraasi. They have some exciting discounts on necklaces and earrings. Do check them out before it’s too late.
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