Five Latest Meenakari Earrings for Women

by Urwashee Saxena

Well saying that earrings increase the women's gorgeousness and personality. Not only does it increase the charm but so forth accrual the overall appearance as well. When it comes to picking earrings most young age girls and women (including married) think of meenakari earrings. 

It’s unsplash, significant kind silver adores their mind and perhaps this is why they love them so much. Very well, Meenakari earrings are unlike oxidized earrings and dual tone earrings. They are made with the combination of gold plating and hand painted color with brass metal. (in a prescribed ratio). 

Looking to buy meenakari earrings online india? If yes, often, this blog is especially for you!

Here, experts of Viraasi jewelers bring to you the list of five best meenakari earrings to buy easily at affordable rates. 

Look at them, read their specifications, and make the purchase. Let’s go…!

1. Lotus Hoop Meenakari Jhumka Earring-Pink

Following traditional concept, slate-based design, comes in lotus shape - it’s a perfect unit to buy. If you look for charm and elegance this jewelry piece has the quality of the same. Although you can also shop this item in yellow, green and white colors.

Shop the look: Lotus Hoop Meenakari Jhumka Earring-Pink

2. Enamel Fusion Floral Jhumka Earring-Yellow 

Embracing the leaf and lotus design earrings comes in yellow,green, black and gray stone is superior and unique kind earring made with brass material and hand painted colors. I am sure you loved this when you wore it once.

Shop the look: Enamel Fusion Floral Jhumka Earring-Yellow

3. Meenakari Jhumka Earrings-Dark Green

Wow! This one is from our finest collection vault, best for weddings and other special occasions, and comes with sharp and finest design accustom with kundan stones and pearls that pretty much increase your beauty.

Shop the look: Meenakari Jhumka Earrings-Dark Green

4. Contemporary Jhumka Earrings with Pearls-Green 

Introducing the water drop design with peacock shape in green color and perals makes this unit more special. Also it’s lightweight, featuring its specialty. If you love these earrings. This is worth shopping for.

Shop the look: Contemporary Jhumka Earrings with Pearls-Green

5. Meenakari Long Jhumki Earrings

It’s an upgraded unit of the above one, following the same design but unique in pattern following ancient geek style and it comes with white beads. Do you love it? Make it yours

Shop the look: Meenakari Long Jhumki Earrings

Summing Up

Do you love it? Then how about buying all these. They all are affordable and come at a budget price. Whether it's a birthday party and ritual events, office work and home lifestyle - these meenakari jewelry have the quality to embrace every look! 

Be that as it may, Meenakari earrings are one of its sort all alone. You don't need to stress over cleaning it and neither contemplating giving yourself a charming edge look. These profoundly excellent assortments of Meenakari earrings merit a shop or blessing.

Begin happy shopping with us…!

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