A Gripping and Inspiring Story of Hema Tekwani – A Woman with Iron Will

by Urwashee Saxena

Life is unpredictable. I learned this lesson the hardest way imaginable when I lost my parents and then my parents-in-law. But life wasn’t done yet, it took away my husband from me in 2005.

In just a few years after having a complete family I was all alone with my two kids – a boy and a girl. We are 6 sisters and I am the eldest. So, in a sense I wasn’t a mother of just two kids, life made me play the role of mother for both of my kids and my 5 sisters.

When life took away the people I love, I cried my heart out, I cried until no tears were left in my eyes. Once done, I didn’t look back because what’s gone is gone.

If this is my fate then by all means I accept it. And I was looking at my kids, they needed me the most so I had to be there for them.

I stood up, wiped my tears, and went out in search of a job of household chores. Because this was the only skill I had. I worked day and night, from one house to another, to provide the life for my children that they deserved.

Today, I am 56 years old, my son is 30 years old and my daughter is 33 years old. They are settled in their lives. I have a handsome little grandson whom I love more than anything in this world.

But, do I regret anything in life? Did I feel disappointed when I asked people for help and they turned away? Do I seek the sympathy of people?

Absolutely not. Whatever I have right now, I fought for it day in and day out. I am proud of everything that I have achieved on my own with God’s grace. I regret nothing, and I wish nothing. I am happy as I am.


At this age, I still work every single day because it makes me happy. And I want women to know that they too have their identity without their husbands. They too can achieve whatever they want.

They are stronger than they think they are. You too can support your family and provide them with whatever they need. Most importantly, your happiness lies in your hands.

If you wish to be happy, no one can stop you from being happy. If you want to laugh like a maniac by all means do it. What’s stopping you?

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